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James Bond 007 by the Decades, Part 2: The 1970s

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Poster for my first film, “Tinieblas,” directed by Niki Janowski.

Written and produced by myself, Dominick Cappello.

Artwork courtesy of Phil Gormley Illustration.

Joana Vargas (also producer) as “Angel”
Kimberley Shoniker as “Helena”
Eric Whitten as “Richard”
Kyle Fields as “James”
Mallory Berlin as “Doris”
& Adam Griffith as “Romeo”

Joana Vargas on IMDB…

Kimberley Shoniker’s info…

Eric Whitten…

Kyle Fields…

James Bond 007 by the Decades, Part 1: The 1960s

1 - Gunbarrell

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Check out the link in the comments for actress Nikki van der Zyl