The Desolation of Impact Wrestling


For the first time in several months, I tuned into iMPACT Wrestling on Spike TV on the evening January 16, 2014. I really gave up on the promotion during the summer of 2012 and am now only a casual fan. Dixie Carter has gone the route of Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff, plastering herself all over TV, taking the focus off of actual professional wrestlers. Too bad she doesn’t have the presence of Vinnie Mac and Easy-E.

Dixie Carter and her loyal heel followers opened “Genesis” with a twenty minute in-ring promo. Wait, I thought this was suppose to be like a free PPV? What PPV would waste twenty minutes before the opening match?

Of course, all the lights flicker and who arrives to save the day with his trusted black baseball bat in hand… This is STING!!! Wow, how can Sting not be sick of this routine? This man never really left 1997. And is Abyss still posing as his own brother? How long has this angle been going on for? Two years? I’m sure all masked wrestlers get tired off wearing their masks, but this is ludicrous. Also, Magnus has two world championship belts and is now introduced as the undisputed champion. I wonder if any other wrestling promotion has recently unified its world heavyweight championship?

I don’t know who this new wrestler is, the one obsessed with Christy Hemme and who dresses like Dexter Morgan, but this edgy gimmick has potential even if some might take offense. What is Bully Ray doing on TV after the end of “Aces & Eights?” It is my belief that a former world champion who has lost his heel faction needs to disappear for a time. Bully’s storyline has run its course and he needs to step aside before becoming a tedious fixture on their weekly programming. Though, many already considered “Aces & Eights” tedious.

It was nice to see Madison Rayne return and win the Knockouts Championship from Gail Kim. I’m a fan of both these ladies. I got Madison’s autograph at a TNA live event back in 2010, when she had her “Beautiful People” bleach blonde hair, and she’s super cute in person. Hopefully, this is the return to form for the once prominent Knockouts division.


Sting is #1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship? I really don’t mean to disrespect Sting, but he must know that his time has passed and he should do the right thing and put Magnus over cleanly, even if Magnus is a heel.


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