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Gargoyles: My Recommendations


“Gargoyles” was an animated series which ran for three seasons from 1994 to 1997 and told the story of six survivors from a Scottish clan of Gargoyles, fearsome yet humane creatures, who were unjustly cursed to sleep for one thousand years and awakening in New York City. Once you were too old for the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” it was now time to graduate to “Gargoyles.” Here is a list of episodes that I either thoroughly enjoyed or are important in the history of the series. I avoided multi part episodes…

“Enter MacBeth”
Season 1, Airdate: 1/6/95
MacBeth, an immortal king with a long history with Gargoyles is introduced.

Season 1, Airdate: 2/3/95
David Xanatos and Demona resurrect Coldstone, a long deceased Gargoyle.

Season 2, Airdate: 9/5/95
Elisa Maza’s brother Derek and others are mutated into Gargoyle like creatures.

“Eye of the Beholder”
Season 2, Airdate: 9/13/95
Fox, the love interest of Xanatos, is transformed into a werewolf by an amulet.

“The Price”
Season 2, Airdate: 10/12/95
Xanatos captures Hudson, the eldest Gargoyle, to test a magic caldron on him.

Season 2, Airdate: 12/21/95
Goliath travels back in time to World War II to find a missing Gargoyle.

Season 2, Airdate: 2/12/96
King Arthur joins the Manhattan clan in a battle with MacBeth over Excalibur.

“Future Tense”
Season 2, Airdate: 4/25/96
Goliath sees a vision of the future where ever member of his clan meets their demise.

“The Journey”
Season 3, Airdate: 9/7/96
After the Manhattan clan and Xanatos make peace, The Quarrymen are introduced.

“Genesis Undone”
Season 3, Airdate: 11/9/96
Clones of the Manhattan clan start to break down physically and must be saved.

* “Future Tense” is my all time favorite. Maybe it should have been the finale?