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American Dad! – 13 More Favorites

American Dad! & Old Glory

“I Can’t Stan You” 5/6/07
Stan goes crazy when he learns that his neighbors don’t like him.

“Joint Custody” 5/20/07
Stan tries to turn Jeff over to the authorities, but they end up bonding.

“Stanny Slickers 2: The Legend of Ollie North’s Gold” 5/11/08
Stan tunnels beneath The Smith house, searching for Oliver North’s gold.

“1600 Hundred Candles” 9/28/08
Steve hits puberty, which takes the focus away from Roger’s birthday plans.

“Weiner of Our Discontent” 5/3/09
Roger learns that he was a crash-test-dummy, so he distributes toxic hotdogs.

“Home Adrone” 10/11/09
Steve crashes a military drone while Francine, Haley, and Roger are stuck on a plane.

“May the Best Stan Win” 2/14/10
A cybernetic Stan travels back in time from the distant future to win Francine’s heart.

“Cops and Roger” 4/11/10
Roger feels like a victim, so he joins the police academy, then becomes a dirty cop.

“Stan’s Food Restaurant” 11/14/10
Stan opens a theme restaurant, fulfilling his dream, but Roger changes the menu.

“You Debt Your Life” 2/20/11
Roger finally moves out of The Smith house and is replaced by Andy Dick.

“I Am the Walrus” 3/27/11
Stan becomes paranoid that Steve will usurp him as the alpha male.

“Season’s Beatings” 12/11/11
A parody of “The Omen” and a prequel to “Rapture’s Delight.”

“Ricky Spanish” 5/6/12
Roger’s most infamous persona forces him to make amends for his wicked ways.


American Dad! – 13 Favorites

American Dad! & Old Glory

*In order of airdate, not quality.

“Failure Is Not a Factory-Installed Option” 9/24/06
Stan loses his composure after being bested by a car salesman.

“Apocalypse to Remember” 3/27/07
Stan evacuates The Smith’s because he thinks the world has ended.

“Vacation Goo” 9/30/07
Francine wants The Smiths to bond while on a real vacation.

“Phantom of the Telethon” 11/30/08
Roger vows revenge when Stan steals his idea to raise money.

“Roy Rogers McFreely” 3/8/09
Roger irks Stan by taking over the home owners association.

“In Country…Club!” 9/27/09
Steve develops post traumatic stress disorder after a war reenactment.

“Rapture’s Delight” 12/13/09
Stan and Francine battle the anti-Christ in a post apocalyptic world.

“Return of the Bling” 2/21/10
Roger admits to steroid use while on the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team.

“Bully for Steve” 4/25/10
Stan becomes wimpy Steve’s bully to help toughen him up.

“Great Space Roaster” 5/16/10
Roger wants to be roasted on his birthday, then overreacts.

“Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls” 11/7/10
Stan’s haunted house gets overshadowed by Buckle’s on Halloween.

“There Will Be Bad Blood” 11/28/10
Stan becomes insanely jealous of his Native American half brother.

“Hurricane!” 10/2/11
The Smiths must band together to survive a bad storm.